The Quality Assurance and the Quality Control teams make up the Quality group at Oxford Biomedica. We make sure that medicinal products are the right quality for their planned use.

Quality Assurance takes into account anything that could affect a drug’s quality during its research, development and manufacturing phases. We work across the whole product lifecycle. Our expertise spans all the good practice quality guidelines and regulations. We partner with most functions in the business. We make sure activities, processes and procedures satisfy product quality, patient safety and efficacy needs. We help the business to stick to current good practice quality guidelines and regulations, Regulatory and Product license and registered detail requirements.

Quality Control is made up of the microbiology and raw materials teams. Raw materials make sure incoming materials are of suitable quality. Microbiology test the manufacturing environment and its products to make sure they are free of harmful microorganisms.

There are many Quality careers. In the Quality Assurance team, for example:

  • Qualified Persons (QPs)
  • QA Operations
  • QA Analytics
  • Quality Systems
  • Quality Projects
  • Training
  • Document Management


And in the Quality Control team, for example:

  • QC Raw Materials
  • QC Microbiology


Our roles would suit people with scientific backgrounds with experience working in regulated pharmaceutical environments. Besides QA and QC experience, this could include previous work in sterility assurance, validation, manufacturing, engineering and technical roles.

Quality is a stimulating, challenging and exciting group to work in. There are many opportunities to work in different areas across the product lifecycle. In our team, you can learn a lot, develop a desirable career, and make an impact.

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