The scientific area that will be explored by the ABViP-CTP have been strategically selected to align with BBSRC initiatives and to address the challenges associated with the development and application of viral vectors in health care. These include:

  • Establishment of suspension adapted packaging / producer cell lines to deliver higher efficiency production – LV, as well as other viral vectors for gene therapies and vaccines, for example, adenovirus (AV) and (AAV)
  • Generation of biological insights resulting in improved viral vector targeting, tropism and/or tissue specificity.
  • Improved viral vector design for gene therapy and vaccine applications
  • Understanding the immunological response to viral vectors
  • Viral vector delivery system optimisation and design
  • Improved understanding and optimisation of bioprocessing
  • Enhanced bio analytics and improved assays for viral vector characterisation
  • Application of digitalisation, AI, and machine learning approaches to improve biological understanding and/or enhance productivity
  • Application of fundamental bioscience to improve scale-up and production
  • Understanding and/or enhancing molecular pathways for vector production and/or assembly

We are now accepting applications for projects from academic superviors/principal investigators working in relevant fields that align with the ABViP-CTP research themes. Applicants must hold a position at one of our academic partners (UCL or UOXF) for the duration of the doctoral training programme.

A total of eight projects will be selected, four at UCL and four at UOXF to start in September/October 2024.

To request the application form and guidance notes please email:

Opening date to apply: Monday 24th April 2023

Deadline for applications: Friday 7th July 2023, 12noon.

The ABViP Management board will review all applications and select those that best align with the overarching research aims of the CTP.

For further information please email:

At Oxford Biomedica we recognise the importance of investing in early talent, and we are passionate about supporting the scientific leaders of the future within cell and gene therapy especially as the industry continues to grow.

The intention of the CTP is to attract the very best people to the available PhD / DPhil programmes. Students trained through the ABViP-CTP will gain a holistic insight into the research and development activities required to create the medicines of the future from both an academic and industrial perspective.